Easter is over :(


Easter is over but Landit – Easter Edition will be available for another week!

Get it before it’s too late!


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Happy Easter!


Happy Easter from BitNine Studio!

Big news are coming!

Hello World!

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Hi guys,

this is BitNine Studio Development Blog!

BitNine Studio is an Italian videogames development team formed in late 2014 composed of two members:

Luca Spazzoli, Game Developer and

Matteo Leoni, Graphic Designer.

In 2015, we published our first mobile arcade game, Landit.

At the moment we are working on two new projects. The first one is another mobile arcade game called NinjAh!, the second one is still in early development stage and it’s our first desktop game.

This blog will collect all the updates about our work. We will be posting development updates, pictures, screenshots and previews, as long  as informations about our partecipation in events.

Stay tuned!